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We’re Forthglade, a team of Devonian dog lovers passionate about nourishing the relationship between you & your dog, starting with what you feed! 

Our award-winning dog food is full of natural ingredients & sure to get tails wagging.

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Why is a Forthglade diet so beneficial to my pet?

You’ve heard it before, ‘you are what you eat’ - and this is just as relevant for your pet as it is to you. A good diet is crucial to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. At Forthglade our aim has remained the same since we opened our doors in 1971; to produce simple, wholesome & natural meals for dogs which provide them with the nourishment they deserve. You only need to see and smell our food to appreciate the quality.

Where is Forthglade pet food made?

All our wet food recipes are made at our factory in the heart of Devon, where our team of dedicated Devonian dog lovers lovingly make each and every tray.

We work very closely with a team of like-minded dog lovers in the EU to produce our range of natural dry cold pressed dog food. We're very lucky to have found a team who are both experts in the technique of cold-pressing – and who share our belief in nourishing the relationship you have with your dog through a good quality natural diet.

To make our range of treats we work with experts in the UK and EU to deliver the tastiest and wholesome treats.

What is the average calorie content of Forthglade wet food?

On average the calorie content of our complete wet recipes is 150-160 Kcal per 100g. The calorie content varies depending on the meat used in the recipe. Our white fish recipes are at the lowest end of the calorie scale. Each recipe will contain detailed nutritional informaiton both on the product page and product when sent.

On average, the calorie content of our Just 90% complementary food is 120-140 Kcal per 100g - slightly less than our complete meals because it's only part of the meal.

What is the shelf life of Forthglade food?

Our foods have a shelf life of 18 months from the date they were made - you can find the use by date printed on the short side of each individual tray for our wet food, or on the back of the pack for our dry food & treats. Once you have opened a wet food tray please store in the fridge and consume within 2 days.

Who tests your pet foods?

Our pet foods are tested by a number of independent pet food authorities and independent nutritionists. We receive SALSA accreditation for our pet food manufacturing and are regularly audited by the APHA, who were previously known as DEFRA.

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