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Switchd is an automated energy switching company who keep you on the absolute best deal forever. Their algorithm checks the entire energy market everyday and whenever a better deal pops up, they automatically switch you to that deal! 

Switchd is here to make your life easier. Unlike free auto-switchers and comparison sites, they don’t take a commission from energy companies. This means that they’ll find you the very best deal available, not just the one that pays them the most. For this service they charge a small monthly fee, from £1.99 per month. As a special offer, Switchd is offering 3 months of its service completely free for our users. Just click “Claim Offer” below and this will be automatically applied.

Switchd members save an average £400 per year. Check how much you could save in just 2 minutes!

1. Click the link 
2. On the landing page, enter your postcode and email address then click “See how much you can save”.
3. Enter some information about your current usage, then Switchd will show you how much you’ll be saving with their automated switching service.
4. Enter some information about yourself and your property.
5. Enter your bank details (which Switchd will use to make your first switch and take their fee).
6. That’s it – you’re in!

For support and FAQs, please visit the link below:

Access Switchd FAQs

For terms and conditions, please click here

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